With our Outreach Programs, JERSEYSTEM works with schools and organizations to create after-school STEM Club programs for middle school girls in low-income, underrepresented communities.

JERSEYSTEM provides the following:

  • Grant money:  We secure funding for the program using grant money from corporate partnerships and other sources.
  • Curriculum:  We develop a curriculum suitable for a 10-session program. The curriculum includes instruction and hands-on learning, including all necessary kits and other materials.

Our current schools use the curriculum once a week as part of a 10-week after-school program. We offer content in the areas of coding, robotics, and chemistry — and continue to add new curricula and content!

  • Program Instructors:  Working with local colleges and universities and volunteer organizations, we provide coaches at each program location that teach the short instructional portion of the curriculum, as well as support/mentor the students during the hands-on learning portion.
  • Coordination: We work with school and/or organization contacts to coordinate classroom materials and other resources, Program Instructors, and scheduling to ensure a successful program.
  • Community:  Our goal is to create an experience that schools and communities can continue to run year after year. Each program includes funds for an end-of-session celebration where students can showcase their work to families and the community. We also provide materials to communicate the value of JERSEYSTEM to families, if needed.

For more information on these programs, contact us at www.jerseystem.org/contact-us