July 2023 – Northstar New Jersey recently partnered with JerseySTEM to bring coding, robotics and chemistry programs to young girls in underserved communities. The private lottery operator donated critical classroom equipment that will facilitate indispensable hand-on experience for middle school students at the 13th Avenue school in Newark, NJ.

Northstar staff delivered the equipment, valued at approximately $18,000, into the waiting hands of JerseySTEM and 13th Ave. School representatives on July 12. Thanks to the new laptops, as well as molecular model kits, microscopes, robotics and induction cooktops, and more from Northstar, JerseySTEM is fully loaded and ready to launch its coding and (NEW!) chemistry programs in the 2023/2024 school year.

Education is a top priority and a major focus of Northstar New Jersey’s philanthropic efforts. The After School Advantage program is a flagship initiative that provides qualifying nonprofit community agencies with state-of-the-art, Internet-ready computer centers.

JerseySTEM’s Dennis Boyd (Center Right) accepts a “Foldscope” microscope from Tim Rolwood, Northstar New Jersey (Center Left), as part of an $18,000 equipment donation. Also in the photo are Dr. Maraima Grimes, I Have a Dream Foundation, NJ, and Michael Tierney, JerseySTEM.

“Northstar’s After School Advantage donation to JerseySTEM is exciting for us as we continue demonstrating our dedication to providing New Jersey’s youth with resources and opportunities to further their education and development,” – Adam Perlow, Northstar New Jersey Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

“We are pleased to partner with JerseySTEM for this donation, and we support its goal of providing training to help middle school students in underrepresented communities across New Jersey, preparing them for the future.” 

Northstar New Jersey’s commitment to enrich and strengthen the communities in which it operates helps nonprofits such as JerseySTEM to continue fostering initiatives and empowering students, to bring more opportunities, diversity and inclusion to the STEM workforce.

For more JerseySTEM partner information, visit www.jerseystem.org/corporate-sponsor-opportunities/