March 2024 –  Ingredion, a global leader in ingredient solutions, has committed itself to fostering innovation and sustainability since its founding in 1906 as Corn Products International. The company is headquartered in Westchester, Illinois, but its impact extends internationally, serving clients across diverse industries by transforming grains, fruits, vegetables, and other plant-based materials into high-quality ingredients. This versatility allows Ingredion to collaborate closely with clients, developing unique solutions that enhance the texture, taste, and nutritional profiles of their products.

Why New Jersey and JerseySTEM? The historical roots of the collaboration trace back to National Starch and Chemical in Bridgewater, N.J. The Bridgewater facility became part of Ingredion in 2010 when Corn Products International acquired National Starch. One of National Starch’s earliest investments was the construction of a dextrin refinery in Plainfield, N.J., in 1934. Investing in community is not just the right thing to do; for Ingredion, maintaining a robust N.J.-based, STEM-trained workforce pipeline is critical to future success.

In alignment with its dedication to community engagement, empowerment, and education, Ingredion actively collaborates with JerseySTEM  to advance science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education. Through initiatives like employee volunteer programs, Ingredion’s team members passionately share their knowledge with young minds, inspiring the next generation of innovators. But Ingredion’s support for JerseySTEM goes beyond volunteer efforts, encompassing resource provision, sponsorship of educational events, and facilitation of hands-on learning experiences.

Ingredion supports JerseySTEM in many ways. To help JerseySTEM celebrate National Chemistry Week, Mabel Chacko graciously took the time to talk about Chemistry helping humanity being done right here in New Jersey.

In late 2023, Ingredion hosted a memorable event at their facility in Bridgewater, NJ for the students from the pilot program. The event featured engaging moments like  a chemistry demonstration showcasing some of the knowledge and skills used in food science. The event left a lasting impression on JerseySTEM’s students and highlighted Ingredion’s commitment to supporting STEM education.

Finally Ingredion is working with JerseySTEM to provide panelists for our upcoming NJIT / WIT Network event this Spring.

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